“Since our beginnings in 1996, Walden has strived to be the ideal balance of Voice, Stability, Appearance and Affordability. The best it’s ever been, I trust your first experience of Walden’s new 2020 models and designs will be exceptional.”
~ Jonathan Lee, Founder


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natura g570etb


Solid top acoustic-electric guitars designed to be the best balance of sound, stability, appearance and affordability.
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Designed for comfort, the Walden B1E Baritone features a Grand Auditorium body with offset soundhole and side port.
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Design Features

Low Mass Bracing detail

Low-Mass Bracing

Low-mass scalloped-x bracing brings a clarity, volume and immediacy to the voice of the Walden guitar. This bracing system reduces the overall mass while maintaining stability.

Neck Reinforcement

Graphite & glass-fiber neck reinforcement increases the overall stability of the neck reducing twist and warping over the lifetime of the instrument. Increased note-to-note definition and elimination of wolf-tones are among the sonic benefits.

Ergonomic Armrest

The ergonomic armrest, originally created by Maestro Luthier Grit Laskin in the late 1990's, significantly increases playing comfort by reducing shoulder stress and forearm discomfort. Available in NATURA 500 and the SUPRANATURA line.

The Natura G800CE rosewood back

Genuine Rosewood

Genuine Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia) is used for fingerboard & bridge and some back & side material for most Walden guitars. Rosewood is an exceptional tonewood representing the best balance of tone, beauty, stability and sustainability.

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