Design Features

Low-Mass Scalloped-X Soundboard Design

Inspired by some of the great Luthiers of our time, bridge design concepts, and “drillium,” Walden’s Low-Mass Scalloped-X bracing brings a clarity, volume and immediacy to the voice of the Walden guitar. This bracing system reduces the overall mass while maintaining stability meaning the strings do not have to work as hard to activate the soundboard. The result is a truly exceptional sounding instrument. Low-Mass bracing is found on NATURA and SUPRANATURA line steel string guitars and the B1E Baritone.

internal view of low mass bracing

Carbon Graphite & Glass-fiber Neck Reinforcement Design

All Walden guitars feature a modern “C” shaped thin-profile neck. 2000-3000 series SUPRANATURA line guitars are reinforced with two rails of Carbon Graphite increasing stability and harmonic content; unique to Walden among comparable guitars. These two rails of Graphite to either side of a 2-way truss rod participate in reducing the chances of twisting and warpage due to uneven grain character. The advantageous low damping properties contribute to increasing evenness of tone and note-to-note separation both across and up-and-down the fingerboard. Through the stiffening of the neck, wolf tones are reduced and an increase in fundamental string energy is expressed as soundboard vibration resulting in added tonal complexity.

Walden NATURA 500-800 Series incorporate two rails of “Glass-fiber” resulting in similar strength, stability and harmonic advantages.

UV Cured Satin Finishes

Walden NATURA and SUPRANATURA instruments feature an environmentally friendly UV cured polyester finish reducing the harmful Volatile Organic Compounds present in traditional finishes. A satin finish allows for the application of a thin coat thereby translating more energy into tone which is both harmonically rich and musical.

image of tech applying uv cured finish to guitar

Ergonomic Armrest

An Ergonomic Armrest significantly increases the comfort of playing the instrument. Originally created by Luthier Grit Laskin in 1989 the armrest is most typically seen on handmade instruments. Present on Walden’s Grand Auditorium body guitars, adding an armrest makes this relatively large body shape feel smaller; shoulder strain and forearm irritation is dramatically reduced. The Armrest is featured on SUPRANATURA line instruments and the NATURA G550RE steel-string guitar.

3 Walden Guitars G550RE G2070RCE G3030RCE Ergonomic Armrest - ART

Bone and NuBone Nut & Saddle

2000 and 3000 SUPRANATURA line instruments incorporate a compensated bone nut and saddle, the finest material traditionally used on hand-made instruments. The material contributes to their exceptional depth, sustain and complexity of voice. Walden NATURA line use NuBone nuts and saddles produced by Graph Tech. This synthetic material is used on Walden 500 through 800 series instruments. NuBone increases the warmth and depth of the instrument’s harmonics and tone as well as contributing pristine highs and mids.

Graphtech NuBone Nut & Saddle - Closeup